3 tips to survive a long distance relationship

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Every type of relationship is completely different and evolves in its own little world, just like it should always be. Clearly this also applies to the ones who have, or had, a long distance one with the added difficulty, of well, being apart for long periods of time. This last point is the hardest part and one of the main reasons why some of this bounds are cut off rapidly after starting. After surviving more than three years of physical distance with my now husband I believe I can share my main tips so that your own relationship can have a real shot.

  1. Blind trust: 

    It mind sound crazy but this is the most valuable advice I can share. It is important to understand that at least for the first part of your love story you will be in the dark. You probably spent with him a couple of days, felt something special and decided to keep in touch. At this point all you know about his world is what comes out from this mouth and some small actions. You don’t know his friends, where he hangs out or with whom. Trust me when I say that if you are going to try and know everything all the time you will go insane. So again, blind trust. Every time we speak we give away tons of clues of how we really are through our choice of words, how we refer to other people and even gestures. Pay attention to small signs and just go with the flow.

  2. Talk everyday: 

    You probably already do it through texting. We are hooked up to our phones and their many ways of chats 24/7. But although it is a great way of communication that I most definitely used while being apart from Jon, what I really mean is FaceTime or call each other on the phone everyday. We all have super busy lives and got really used to sustaining friendships by only writing or sending audios to people, but is really important to take at least 5 minutes to call your significant other and see their face or heart their voice while they tell you how their day was like. At the end of the day this makes a huge difference. It makes you feel somehow closer since today a call is way more personal than a text. The spontaneity of real time talking cannot beat the pre meditation of a text or voice note.

  3. Plan your next visit ahead: 

    This tip is not meant to be a tool for obsessing and counting days till you see each other again. Living in the present and spending real quality time with the people who are physically around you is esencial, even more if your plan is to eventually move to a different country. The goal of planning your next visit is to ease the anxiety and uncertainty of not knowing when you will see each other again.
    There were times in which I thought that lots of months would go by until I would see Jon again and the sadness was just too much to handle.
    Use the time apart to do research on what you can do on your next encounter, what you want to visit on your significant other country or even in yours! Turn it into a happy experience and a way to get to know the other person better by getting more insight of their interests.Side note: Do not give your mind that much power to let you down. If it is meant to be it will work, you will make it work.

    Have you been, or are you, in a long distance relationship? Did you use any of this tips or will you apply them now? Let me know your experience!

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