My first 6 months in Canada

Today it’s been half a year that I arrived in Canada to call it my new home. I came here following my love story ready to start my new family with, my now husband, Jonatan.

I remember getting on that plane full of expectations but also tons of fear and multiple questions: Am I going to be able to adapt? Can I be apart of my family and friends? Is my relationship going to work? And the list goes on… so much that I spent the whole plane ride feeling sick.

“Six months” sounds like a lot, even more if you say “half a year”, but it actually isn’t. You can’t possibly know how your life will be or even feel too certain about many aspects of your way of living in a different country. I still believe that I need to experience way more to be able to do so, but I can point out how I feel so far and share how my journey has been up to now:

  1. As we all know, mostly through shows and comedians, Canadians are very nice people. They made me feel welcomed since day one. They are polite, respectful and they respect driving rules!
  2. One of my fears was my ability to adapt and make friends, I was scared of feeling lonely which would lead to missing everyone in Argentina. Well, I found out that I’m stronger than I thought and that this process was going to depend entirely on me and how willing I was to be out there and meet new people. Let me tell you that so far I made pretty amazing friends to hang out with. I can’t possibly feel alone.
  3. The one thing that kept me awake the most was weather if I was going to be able to develop myself on the fashion scene without having any contacts or even knowing anyone at all. I learned that if you are opened, happy and vigilant opportunities almost fall into your lap. To be honest this was not happening in Buenos Aires, so maybe I needed a change. We don’t know out potencial until we are out there by ourselves and… it feels amazing!

I’ve always been that pampered girl who’s parents gave her the wold and beyond. Even though I’m extremely great full for every single thing, tools and opportunities that they have handed me, since without them I probably wouldn’t be here today, it was time for me to see with my own eyes what I am able to accomplish by myself. From working with my husband to have the best marriage we can create, learning that I can actually do house chores and cook, but most importantly that I can be my best version on what ever I set my mind into.

I can’t wait to keep learning from the many challenges that will come my way. It’s not always easy to be away from your family and everything you have ever known, but the journey is definitely worth it.

Always remember that happiness and peace of mind are a choice that you have to be willing to work for every morning!

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