My experience working backstage on my first Fashion Show

This Saturday was a truly important day for me both in a personal and professional level. I had the opportunity of participating on the backstage for the Runway For Hope Fashion Show here in Ottawa.

After so many years invested in studying the fashion industry at school, and even outside since this world it’s my biggest passion, I got to experience what preparing a whole show feels like… It was amazing! I’ve never felt more tired but happy and full filled as I did this weekend.

Months before the show

The experience started back in May where meetings were held with the rest of the team and designers. Later we had a huge casting call for models where they showed everyone their talent looking forward to getting picked by the designers.

Since my biggest love is not just fashion but also communication, I got the chance to partner up with this amazing organization to create video interviews with some of the designers. I’m so glad I got to meet them at a more personal level where I was truly able to capture their essence and the enormous work they throw into every piece of their collection.

Show day

The show day started at 9:30 am, well 7:30 if we also count the time it took me to get ready and look on point, with backstage team meetings to make sure everyone was fully aware of their duties and how the day was going to roll. Soon after designers and models made their entrance along with the talented make up and hair team.

Every show has a final rehearsal, this was my area of work. The management trusted me with the choreography and being the last one to see the models to send them out on the runway looking great and with perfect timing. I had never than it before so during rehearsals I was pure tension!

At 7:30pm it was show time! I can’t even start to describe how nervous I was the hours before, but everything changed once I got on stage. I was invaded by confidence, self love and respect for myself. I knew I had this under control and I was going to do an amazing job. Which by the way I did. All it really took, besides the years of preparation and having my head a 100% on the game, was trusting myself and my full potential. I stayed positive and focused and everything fell into place and flowed.

Once I was done with the first half of the show, during intermission, all those doubts about my abilities were gone making me feel more empowered, confident and happy than I have ever been. The second half of the show came with some challenges that I was able to solve with the team on the spot to make a great show.

Counting my blessings

I feel so grateful for everything that has been happening to me in this past 6 months. I’m thankful for my parents who always bet on me and had my back no matter what crazy and challenging idea I came up with, they gave me the world.

My husband who is my rock. You guys have no idea of how supportive being always by my side helping me achieve my dreams in every way he can. During the show he sat not on the best FROW seat to enjoy the show, but on the worst one where he could make eye contact with me.

I want to thank André Rodrigues, founder of Runway For Hope, for handing me this opportunity with complete trust without even really knowing me that well. You gave me the chance to get to know myself better and enjoy doing what I love the most. I will be forever grateful. You set up an amazing team of volunteers that was so fun to work with but most important, we all knew we could count on each other.

Least but not last, to the designers and models, you were amazing to work with. You pulled through even when we were completely exhausted bringing extraordinary fashion that left me speechless. The models you picked to collaborate with brought, not only diversity beauty, but professionalism and love for this world I respect so much.

I still can’t get over the excitement. The universe blesses me every single day. There is no better feeling than doing what you truly love.

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