My first Canadian Halloween!

I’ve always been a secret fan of Halloween. Back in Argentina, among my friends, it was not a huge deal. For that reason we, or most accurately, they, were not that fond of the idea of going out partying while wearing a costume. So when I moved here I knew I wanted to let my inner role player out and make this celebration a new tradition.

For this year I chose to be CatWoman inspired by woman empowerment. This character is portrayed as a strong, independent and sexy woman who balances on the precipice of good and evil, of doing the wrong thing for the arguably right reasons. She doesn’t look at the world in black & white, but shades of grey. Even though she feels a strong attraction for, the always good, Batman, CatWoman doesn’t compromise her believes and independice for a man.

As usual I had some fun posing for my favourite photographer, my hubby, and this was the result!

I hope you are all enjoying the spooky season! Did you put on your costume already?

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