Fashion & women empowerment at GC Talks: “The Seat You Deserve”

{My look details with links to shop and event pics at the bottom}

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to be invited to an inspiring GC Talk Show hosted by Guilene Charlotte. An event like no other I’ve attended in Ottawa so far. Here 55 attending women where encourage to come together creating a safe space to share our thoughts about current topics and problematics that affect the genre.

The evening started off with a mingling game to get to know each other, while enjoying some yummy food and drinks. Followed by a fashion show where designers Nesy Nou and Tufafifashion showcased their collection, topped with a makeup class taught by my favorite city artist Anthonia Bejide.

The main attraction of the event was the talk show hosted by Guiliene Charlotte, who runs her own Foundation “GCF” based in Burundi, Africa accompanied by three boss ladies:

Luxi Mathi, a young entrepreneur who runs a  modeling agency and the non for profit organization Ottawa Fashion Network (OFN); Loretta Mcewen, Ministry at Mcewen Ministries founded by her husband; and Laura Luketa, author of the book “Quarter Century Lessons”. This four successful women share more than the genre, but the desire to create an impact on their generation, of helping other women to achieve their full potential and the passion of seeing the advancement of young woman in various spheres of life and society.

It was an afternoon where guests were invited to listen, reflect, question themselves and the society we live in, debate and evaluate different issues that affects all of us all over the world. 

Personally, I found the conversation to be very moving, empowering and exactly what I needed to see and hear in this precise moment of my life. It encourage me to deeply reflect on what my role is and what I want it to be from today on. More precisely it showed me how, no matter where we come from, our background, what our origins or skin color is, we are all in this together to generate a real change and how important it is to stick together lifting each other up and not tearing us down to get there. 

I want to thank the sweet, but badass strong, Guiliene Charlotte for inviting me to such a beautiful and inspiring event, I hope more are on the way! 

[Event sponsored by The Rise Initiative and Sensa Stone].

For this early afternoon event I wore a poplin dress with pockets Zara dress (currently on sale for 25.99 CAD) with black high heels adding pops of color with a showing neon pink and orange Victoria Secret lace bra and Mac pink eye shadow for my makeup. Kept accessories simple and casual with this four chain beach charms necklace from Forever21.

Nesy Nou fashion show; insight to modeling industry by Chanel Tima; artist Anaya donated a piece; Tufafifashion show; and makeup artist Anthonia Bejide “natural look” class.

Standing alongside with host Guiliene Charlotte; some cool looks from the girls attending the event; the GC Talk Show in action.

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