Transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle without loosing style

This past month has been very transforming for me which led to the decision of changing what and how I communicate with you.

On my trip to Argentina I spent 5 days at a meditation retreat by the lake in Bariloche. There our guru cooked delicious vegetarian food for us and… I didn’t miss meat at all! so I thought: “I can definitely do this again” (10 years ago I was vegan for 2 years). I believe my mistake back then was pressuring myself to go all the way too fast for the wrong reasons without embracing the change as a whole, as a lifestyle but just focusing on the food.

I’ve been eating more plant based for the past month, including fish & seafood a couple of times a week. I don’t want to label my diet because I am transitioning, learning and we know habits are sometimes hard to kick. My initial motivation was having a healthier lifestyle but, as usual, as I lost myself reading on how to do this in the best way, I understood that everything is connected and needs to be balanced.

All this to say that it made me realize the impact that the way we approach fashion has and how small changes can help. I’m not saying I won’t shop Zara again, I would be lying, but to me is about at least trying to cut down, being more conscious about our choices.

Changing is usually overwhelming but if we do it at our pace, with small actions is still soo much better than not doing anything at all. You don’t need to stop eating meat completely or never shop fast fashion again. Simply try not eating animal protein on every meal or shopping 2 items less than you usually would. Baby steps!

I would always say that a real fashionista is not the one who shops a completely new outfit for every occasion but the one who has the ability, creativity and vision of putting together an amazing look with anything she can find. Somehow I forgot about that on the way.

I hope I can share with you more than just a cute outfit on my journey and hopefully learn from the people who have been on this path for longer than me!

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