How to home office healthy style

Due to the nature of my job I’m not strange to working from home, so the main change for me is going from 2 days to a whole week of this style. I want to share my tips and also what I find the hardest. I’m all about staying healthy, so for me the struggle is staying home all day next to my fridge and pantry. Boredom or loneliness doesn’t come in hand with healthy choices, it gets me craving for chocolate and junk.

1. Get rid of junk food

Since I have been working from home for a while I already went through this. I simply stopped buying chocolate and I limit myself to getting a piece once in a while when I really want it. I’m not saying throw it away, but find a way to not have them at home. I asked my husband to take my stash to his office when I started and share it. Get creative!

2. Keep your home in order

I’m very tidy so I can’t work in an unorganized space. Treat your working area like you would do in your office leaving everything ready for the next day when your shift is over (or you go to bed).

3. Set a routine

I wake up at the same time, do my bed and get ready as if I was leaving the house. Think ahead what you will be eating and at what time. Have your usual breakfast, you can meal prep if you are not into cooking daily and choose healthy snacks. My suggestion for the last one are fruits like blueberries or blackberries: low on calories & sugar and packed with nutrients.

4. Take off your pjs

I know that working in your sleeping wear sounds cool but it takes you off the working mind set. Change into something comfortable but that you wouldn’t sleep in.

5. Stay active

If workouts at the gym/studio are an important part of your day the chances are that if you don’t get moving your gonna loose it fast after a couple of days. If your workout place is opened and it’s safe go for it. If that’s not the case download a home exercise app or go out for a walk or run. I suggest going for a walk for 10min during your lunch break to take a break. Or simply stand up regularly and walk inside your place, chances are you’ll spend more time seating down that you would in the office.

6. Give yourself a break

Take time to adjust, the dynamics of working surrounded by people in a different space to working by yourself are completely different. You will probably go on your phone more often since no one is watching, so set daily goals to hit or a structure to make sure you are getting shit done. I made myself a workflow & we set up an online working board with my coworkers to stay accountable and help each other stay on truck. We will also be setting more FaceTime meetings. Find what suits you and your team better!

7. Connect with your family

Being self isolated or in quarantine doesn’t mean we need to be completely alone. Texting, video chat and Social Media are still at the palm of your hand (which you obviously throughly washed). Use it to it’s fullest! We created video chat rooms in Google hangouts with our team and we have daily meetings through that channel. Also call your family and friends, share how you are coping and most importantly ask for help if you need to. We we are all in the same boat here! Alone, scared and confused.

Enjoy the extra ours of sleep since you won’t need to commute! Use this time to enjoy being makeup free for a couple of weeks! Your skin will most definitely thank you and you will be able to go back into social life with a nice glow! Stay in the look for my IG stories since I will be sharing what I eat daily!

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