My guide to stay fit & loose weight during self-isolation

Let’s talk nutrition during social distancing aka staying home for weeks.

Besides the worries we all have during this period, one of mine’s was exiting this home stay with extra pounds during a period where I was trying to lose the ones I gained last winter. So how did I manage to loose almost 5 pounds on the first 3 weeks of self-isolation?

First, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to not try to do any restrictive aggressive diets during this period. You need to be eating all food groups to absorb nutrients to make sure you are not debilitating your immune system and stay healthy to fight this virus.

Second, there is no magic solution! All I’m doing is eat healthy, control my portions and workout. I find having a routine very important to stay on track so this is how my day goes: (As I’ve said before I’m an ovo-pescatarian)

Wake up: warm water with 1/2 lemon + probiotics supplement (60 to 80 billion active cells)

Breakfast: Coffee with vegetable milk + 3/4 cup coconut yogurt with 2tbs of chia pudding, 2tbs cereals, blueberries & some chocolate chips (optional). Other choices are: whole grain toast with 1/4 avocado or hummus add protein by using an egg, tofu or any you would like. Oats pancakes, banana smoothie bowls!

Lunch: Protein (about 80 to 120gr) + 1/2 cup cereals/carbs + vegetables (as many as you want). The secret here is eating the best quality carbs possible. My go-to is quinoa since it’s also a source of protein! But my other choices are whole grain rice or pasta, a small potato or sweet potato.

Tea time: Same as breakfast. I usually have a whole grain no gluten toast with 1/4 avocado & vegan protein shake or a banana smoothie bowl with 1/2 scoop protein powder or something I baked like the upside down apple cake.

Workouts: 50min aerobics + body weight workout. HIIT it’s the best to loose weight and lean while toning your muscles without bulking. This type of workout takes your body to the limit in a short amount of time and the bonus is that you keep burning fat even hours after you are done. Today there are so many options of workouts online. Search on YouTube, Instagram (many gyms are doing live workouts or sharing them as static posts). I’ve been using the Fitbit app since they are offering 90 days of free trial, they have a huge variety to choose from! Go for a walk once in a while.

Yoga: It is most definitely a strength workout, specially if you are not used to it but it’s also fabulous for stretching after your class and relaxing. I like finishing it with a guided meditation.

Snack: Cherry tomatoes or blueberries, 30gr nuts or 1 cup of yogurt or a smoothie.

Dinner: Protein + vegetables. Same as lunch but with no carbs. A piece of chocolate.

I have been sharing my meals on IG stories for you to get some inspiration. They are saved under the highlight “Veggie Recipes”. You can also DM me! As you can see I’m still eating carbs with every meal except for dinner. Carbs are a needed source of energy. When you cut them off completely your body starts using the protein you intake and transforming it into fat instead of feeding your muscles. So don’t cut off carbs! Simply choose the best option from the food group and eat it in moderation.

Eating healthy made from scratch food and working out is the key for good body and mental health!

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