What keeps me feeling good during self-isolation

It’s been a whole month of self-isolation for me. There has been definitely ups and downs, sometimes even on the same day. I wanted to share some of the things that keep me feeling good:

▪️Having a routine. I’ve struggled with this one last week. I started wondering what was the point of setting an alarm, waking up early & getting off my pjs when I had no obligations or nowhere to be, so I decided not to for a couple of days. Surprisingly (not really) I didn’t feel any better. My schedule was all over the place. Eating and sleeping at weird hours, I was completely unproductive and having a hard time wanting to workout. Made me feel overall discouraged. Even though feeling like this and catching a break it totally normal I think its a good idea to set an end date to doing nothing. I’m not talking big life changing projects, getting an MBA and saving the world but small things to occupy our minds for a while.

▪️ Cooking/baking. Changing the way you eat comes with a learning curve on how to work with new ingredients and flavors, so this is the perfect time to go for it. It’s also extremely important to understand the different food groups and their nutritional value to make sure you are nourishing your body in the best possible way.

▪️Reading. Last week with the hubby we watched Unorthodox on Netflix and the cultural difference made me want to know more about a world so different to ours and so distant from my beliefs, so I got the ebook which inspired the movie. Grab that book you’ve been wanting to read for so long but never had the chance to and when you are done get another one! Something that inspires your creativity, imagination, curiosity or that you can learn something new from.

▪️Working-out. Besides wanting to stay in shape and in track towards my goals I mostly do it to stay healthy. Being at home means we are barely moving and we absolutely need to! Find what ever you enjoy and have fun doing: an intense full body workout, dancing, yoga… just get moving! It definitely gets me in a great mood when I’m done, makes me feel accomplished and happy that I’m doing everything possible to keep my overall health and immune system on point.

▪️Netflix. Of course I binge watch shows and movies. I’ll be sharing my favorites must watch soon!

▪️Planning. To be honest I have been postponing some projects I want to jump on because I just “wasn’t feeling it”. After a whole month of isolation I realized I don’t want to keep pushing them for later. We have no idea of when this will end and I for sure don’t want to feel like I’m loosing time anymore. So I spent the day figuring out how I will make them happen and what I’ll be doing once we go back to “normal”. Setting goals and a time frame to achieve them is the key to actually make things happen, stay accountable and on track.

What keeps you feeling good and motivated?

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