The hottest accessory of 2020: Face Masks

It’s the new kid on the block and it seems like it will stay around for good. Face masks will most definitely define this year fashion and even though we can’t say we fully love this new trend we will have to accept it and style it!

Carewear is the new initiative created by The Cut Fashion Design Academy. With two different unisex shapes and a wide variety of colours and patterns all their masks are 100% cotton, reusable and with room for a filter. Carewear is not only aiming to keeping people safe and stylish during this hard times but also helping the ones in need. A portion of the proceeds are being donated to the Food Bank.

I have mentioned many times the importance of accessories and how they can make or break a look. With that in mind I chose mainly neutral colours that would match most of my looks. A plated dusty pink for when I don’t want the mask to be the main attention and a black and white zebra print to make it a fashion statement. I also chose a more joyful looking one for my daytime activities. It’s not a bad idea to spread some cheer during this troubled times! My husband fancies a more classic look so he went for a dark blue plated mask.

I am not going to lie, the first times styling the masks felt beyond weird. When I imagine my looks and as I am getting dress I don’t picture a mask covering almost my whole face. The styling process has definitely changed for everyone, like not wearing your hair down so you avoid touching it. At the end of the day we will need to get used to this changes to protect ourselves and others while we adjust to the new normal.

(The two styles are sold singly or in packs of threes or 10 online, or at the West 1st Avenue studio. Three non-pleated masks with filter pockets are $35, while three pleated masks are $40 plus shipping.)

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