I feel confident to say that spring temperatures are finally among us. With this comes the possibility of diving and switching out focus into the new season trends and looks. Even though it seems like bright colours and neon are taking over, an old forgotten friend is doing its come back: neutrals / monochromes. 

This long lost trend who used to be seen as once-boring is doing a full come back on Spring 2019 and I am here for it. I believe the secret to not look dull with it is mix and matching it with different textures, patterns, proportions and shades. You can forget about that old rule that claimed you couldn’t combine different gradients of the same color.

You can choose to wear a whole ensamble made up entirely of this color palette or add pops of color to it.

I chose to combine this brown wrap culottes Zara pants, which btw are now on sale, with a lighter fitted blazer adding a patterned top and black snickers for a perfect Sunday outfit to walk around the city. I wore red lipstick to add a bit of color!

You can find some more pictures on my IG! https://www.instagram.com/thetrendspotblog/

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